Archive | March, 2013

Guinea Pig Not Afraid of the Water

Hi Everybody, I have not tried this with my two male guinea pigs. I know almost every guide on guinea pigs tells us not to let their faces get wet or water in their ears, etc. So I really don’t know how much truth there is to those comments and I would hate to try […]

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Guinea Pig Sounds

Guinea pigs make a variety of sounds and if you have one, it helps to know what these sounds sound like. Here is a happy guinea pig getting a lite massage! If they are happy when you pet them, they will make this sound. If you don’t hear anything, you probably need to work on […]

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Guinea Pig Wheek Wheeking

A guinea pig wheeking is a very familiar guinea pig sound when they are hungry. This short video gives you a good sample of the most common sound a guinea pig makes. They have other sounds as well and I will be posting some of them very soon. One is the rumblestrut, another is the […]

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