Archive | April, 2013

The Life Cycle of a Guinea Pig

  The guinea pig, also known as the cavy, is a friendly rodent and a popularĀ  cage-dwelling pet. Despite his name, the guinea pig does not hail from New Guinea or any other Guinea, nor is he a pig; he makes piglike noises and he likes to eat, though. Guinea pigs are endemic to the […]

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Guinea Pig Food Tips

Hey guys recently I’ve learned something about my guinea pigs and I want to give youall some guinea pig food tips that I discovered. So we were giving them the colorful food and we noticed that they weren’t eating all of it. It seemed as if they were just eating the brown pellets and not […]

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Guinea Pig Nutritional Diet

Guinea pigs are as you know very curious little guys. Mine never stop amazing me. I have been watching them closely with their eating habits this week and found out something very interesting. I have been feeding them the WIld Harvest Guinea Pig Advanced Nutrition Diet food for several years. Sparky has been with me […]

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