Guinea Pig

Sparky and me






 My Guinea Pig Sparky


I’m just a kid, no different than you

Longing for a pet, and not one from a zoo.

I asked my dad one day, whadaya think?

Could I get a puppy, just for fun’s sake?


My daddy said, no, I don’t think now’s the time

And look at the yard, it’s as small as a dime,

And there’s no grass, no place for puppy to play,

Maybe next time we move, you can have your way.


Well dad, if no pup, then how ’bout a cat?

You said you had one, and they make a great pet.

My dad said Jenn, that was a long time ago,

And I didn’t have kids to pull hair or grab toes!


Oh dear dad, I think I am going to cry,

Cause I really want a pet regardless of yard size.

And in spite of the walls, and no grass and whatnot,

I’m going to ask for a pet each night til one’s bought!


Then dad said, “okay” I think we should talk more.

How ’bout a guinea pig, they are cute and don’t snore.

He was trying to be funny and for that I’m okay

Cause he just gave me the go-ahead, a guinea pig today!


So we went to the pet store expecting a lot

Only to find there was not one guinea pig in stock.

How can this be after all I’ve been through.

Just what is a poor guinea pig lover to do?


We continued our journey checking this store and that

When we finally found one with a good stock of pets

And lo and behold in a cage by himself

Was my cute little Sparky in an igloo on the shelf.


Oh look at him he looks so cuddly and small

Do you think he will ever grow up and be tall?

Well of course said the clerk, is this your first one?

Oh yes I replied and my search is now  done!