Hi to all of you guinea pig lovers! I love sharing these videos with you, but I also want to share funny stories and weekly happenings and discoveries that I have with my two guineas, Sparky and Rudy.

They are so lovable and adorable. Sparky was my first guinea pig, and so of course he is super special to me. My dad bought a companion for him after about six months because the family all agreed that although we spent time with Sparky, he was lonely.

The companion was Nellie, a multi-colored female rosette (her hair had those swirls everywhere) and she immediately stirred up the “rumblestrut” in Sparky. This is their mating call. Well, even though we discouraged them having time together in one cage, Nellie still had her first litter of two little babies.

But that was not all. It was followed by a litter of five more! So this is a warning for all of you thinking about having males and females together. They can have babies and more babies rather soon. Just so you know.

More soon,