C&C Cage for Baby Guinea Pigs Care

I just love these C&C Cages for Baby Guinea Pigs. Our sweet little female guinea Nellie gave birth the first time to two guineas followed right after by another birthing of five very active baby guinea pigs. These little ones are on the run as soon as they are born and I soon discovered that I needed to give them plenty of space. My big concern was that Nellie would have some space for herself as the brood of babies were always seemingly following her around everywhere in the cage she went.

So I took them all out of the 2′ X 4′ cage that Nellie had been in with Sparky and assembled a much larger area for them using a C&C cage setup making the area 3′ X 5′. I had to leave Sparky in the original cage by himself because the male guinea pigs get very jealous of the new babies and may even hurt them so always be thinking about this matter when you have a male and female. BTW, the baby females can also start reproducing themselves after around six weeks or less, so it is a good idea to separate the siblings according to male and female after a couple of weeks from birth.

Hope these comments have been helpful, please leave your feedback below if you have some further insight about C&C cages and baby guinea pigs and their care.

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