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Guinea Pigs Playpen

guinea pig playpen

Hi Everyone,
It is great to be back from San Francisco, but now that I am back, I want to share with you my enthusiasm for the guinea pig wire cube cage setup that I am using. By the way,  as we were leaving the city, the NFL football team, the San Francisco 49ers were wrapping up their football victory and on their way to the Super Bowl! So it was an exciting finish to a five day trip there.

I wanted to say something about the C&C cages. I have been setting up a playpen with them every day for my two male guineas and they really love the freedom of movement and the various boxes and tunnels I put in the pen for them to run through. The one I set up is over four feet by three feet which may not sound like much, but it does provide a nice play area for two guinea pigs.

It is best to put down some kind of waterproof material to protect the carpet if you decide to use the squares. As you can see in the one video that I just posted, the squares measure about 14 inches by 14 inches and are clipped together either by some eight-way connectors or you can use the plastic ties to fasten them together. Either way works just fine.

I use a cheap vinyl tablecloth to cover the ground. You can get one for about five dollars at stores like Wal-Mart. It is reusable after you wash it and is easy to manage when putting it down on the floor. The brown pad you see in the photo is a pooch pad for absorbing urine as well and is machine washable. This one was about $25 at the pet store. I’ll keep you posted on any new ideas I come across relating to the wire cube cage arrangement.


Enjoy your guineas,


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