Guinea PIg Babies

There is nothing quite like little guinea pig babies. I was shocked when my Nellie had her first litter. She only had two but we didn’t even know she was pregnant until we saw a little baby guinea pig running around the cage with a beautiful coat of hair. Then the second came right behind that one.

The babies are so active right away. They even start eating lettuce and their mother’s food within a week of being born. One thing for sure, you have to separate the male from the little ones if you have both a male and a female at the time of the birthing. The males can get very jealous so to be safe, keep the male out of the cage where you have the babies.

This video is on Youtube on the channel “guineapiglaugh” and really shows how most of the guinea pig babies look on their first few days and how active and alert they seem to be.

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2 Responses to “Guinea PIg Babies”

    • I agree wholeheartedly. If you have ever handled one of these little guys when they are in their first days, they are incredibly cute and fun to watch. Much like little kittens. And they are very quick!