Guinea Pig Care Tips

It did not take me long when I got my first two guinea pigs to learn the importance of paying attention to guinea pig care tips that others provided for me. I was surprised at how much I needed to know to just provide my guys with good basic care. Guinea pigs require daily care and if it is not offered, then it won’t be long before they may become sick. You surely want to avoid any trips to the veterinarian that can be avoided.

Yes, they need some checkups and nail trimming, but if you see your guineas are having breathing problems because you used the wrong bedding, then things like this get very expensive. So here are some reminders given as tips as to how you can take care of your sweethearts in a good way!

The channel that provides this video and other great ones can be found at Howcast on Youtube.  Sorry about the commercials, they are not mine, however, the content after you skip it is worth waiting a few seconds for. The video is well-done.






























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