Guinea Pig Daily Routine

This is a very well-done video of an “upscale” habitat for these many little guinea pigs, and really does show a great guinea pig daily routine of caring for pet guinea pigs. Wow, I am so impressed with the play area and the many places she has made for her guinea pigs to hide out in and play around in.

Also, I noticed how these guys didn’t seem to fight over the food and they are getting some luscious treats here, not just the old store-bought pellets, which are nutritionally fortified yes, but guinea pigs like mine just love lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and a little celery now and then. The channel on Youtube for this video is Pete’s Palace tv. And I have to say they really did a super job of filming and showing how they care for their guinea pigs! Great job guys.

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3 Responses to “Guinea Pig Daily Routine”

  1. Hello, I wish I had a guinea. i really would like one

  2. Hi Nicole, you may already know, but if you are thinking about getting a guinea pig, please consider getting two of them so they will have a full-time companion they can relate to when you are not available. Hope you find one soon!

  3. That’s a really well done video. Nice to see them not forgetting anything and covering all the basis. This is a list ( I started using when I first bought mine which really helped me out in getting into a routine.