Guinea Pig Eating a Grape

Guinea pig eating a grape. Yes, some will and some won’t. My own little guys, Sparky and Rudy would not eat grapes. They preferred watermelon, carrots, and cucumbers. Especially carrots because they liked me to play tug-of-war with them before I would just give in and give it to them. Every morning we would play this and they both loved it. This little guy here really loves grapes! Check out this short video from Youtube and “dusogdas”.

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2 Responses to “Guinea Pig Eating a Grape”

  1. Hey! I read your book! I followed you on twitter 🙂 My name is Nicole. I am considering getting a guinea pig. Should I get an older female and another younger female? Same age? Or should I get males? I know you have Sparky, Rudy, and (Nellie???). I really like how your cavies are so sweet with each other 😀 Especially since they’re unspayed males 🙂 So your opinion?

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for coming to my guinea pig site. I love finding these videos! So about females, I would say unless you want to have a lot of guinea pig babies, you should just get maybe two females, and they can be young ones. The average age of a guinea pig is 5 years, so if you get an older one, it may not be with you a long time, but with two young ones, you would see them grow up and be together for a long time. These are very definitely communal pets and need each other to be happy, even if you are the greatest guinea pig lover! I had a male and a female, like you said, Sparky and Nellie, and they had 7 babies, then I lost Nellie, so I got Sparky a buddy named Rudy. He was very young, shy, and introverted, but found out that Sparky was like a big brother and they became best of friends. Please send me a story to post about your guinea pigs when you get settled in with them! I would love to share more stories on my blog. And don’t forget some pics as well. Jennier