Guinea Pig Food Tips

Hey guys recently I’ve learned something about my guinea pigs and I want to give youall some guinea pig food tips that I discovered. So we were giving them the colorful food and we noticed that they weren’t eating all of it. It seemed as if they were just eating the brown pellets and not the colorful ones. They would just sort out the colorful ones, put them on the floor, and not eat them.

Sometimes I would spot them eating the colorful food but it was not often. Then we went back to using the plain brown pellets. And guess what? They would eat the whole thing! They started to be sooo happy when they saw me bringing their food unlike before. So now we feed them just the plain pellets and they seem very happy now that we figured out what was happening.

I think if you are using the colorful pellets then you could try giving them some plain ones but they may not have the same reaction as my guinea pigs did. Well I hope this helped you guys with your guinea pigs food and thanks for reading 🙂


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