Guinea Pig Gets the Chin Rub!

Boy I can tell you that guinea pigs really like the “guinea pig chin rub”. I always love to put my guinea pigs on my stomach like this girl and then rub their chins. Do you see those front chops on this one? Guinea Pigs don’t bite unless really, really provoked, and you can see here what kind of front teeth they have, the better to bite off a finger or two!

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2 Responses to “Guinea Pig Gets the Chin Rub!”

  1. I love your site!

    Very cool!

    I really like your poem too…very creative

    Keep posting more videos…you are really good at it!


  2. I loved the video with the chin rub. I have a guinea pig named beanbag and a parrot named Oscar. The guinea pig loves to lay in my lap and receive a lot of
    petting. Oscar just watches I think jealously from his cage.