Guinea Pig Nutritional Diet


Guinea pigs are as you know very curious little guys. Mine never stop amazing me. I have been watching them closely with their eating habits this week and found out something very interesting.

I have been feeding them the WIld Harvest Guinea Pig Advanced Nutrition Diet food for several years. Sparky has been with me for six years and Rudy for about seven months. Both were eating it and actually eating a lot of it until this past week.

As you may know if you have guinea pigs and have been feeding them for a while that there are the bags of grain sold, the pellets, that do not include the colored dried fruit and vegetables and then there are the bags like I have right now with fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains.

Well, here is the deal. Neither one of my guineas are eating the colored bits, the dried fruits and vegetables. And I first noticed them slacking off on them about two weeks ago. Now, they will only eat the brown colored pellets, the grains.

So this tells me, since the food has not been left in the bowl and become stale, but is fresh every day, that I need to go back to the bags that just have the brown pellets. I’ve been told that this is enough for them if they drink a lot of water and eat a lot of timothy hay. Well, my guys eat a LOT of timothy hay. I put a big pile out just an hour ago and it is almost all gone.

I feed them carrots in the morning and during the day when I get home from school I give them several strips of romaine lettuce. Tonight, Rudy, my male boar, was talking up a storm, eating only timothy hay and drinking some water. But, he kept on talking while I watched him, so I took that to be a signal that he wanted a carrot. Sure enough, he played tug-of-war with me for a few seconds to get the carrot from me, then ran off to his igloo to enjoy it.

With lettuce, be sure to only feed your guinea pigs romaine lettuce, the other lettuce tends to be too much water content for them and can end up not being too healthy for them in the long run. Too much lettuce can give them diarrhea and moist stools.

I hope this helps if you have been wondering about what to feed your little ones.

Til next time,


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