Guinea Pig Puffy Eye

Guinea pig puffy eye is actually not uncommon with some of the older guinea pigs. My Sparky had this “puffy eye” look and at first I was alarmed, but the veterinarian said not to worry about it at all. She said it does not affect their health in any way. This video is being shared from “Sweet Dreams” on Youtube and I think it is a very thorough explanation of puffy ¬†eyes so if your guinea pig has this, you should watch this one for sure so that you will know a lot more about it and not be worried about your guinea pig at all.

What you will see with puffy eyes is that it will look like part of their eye on one side is bulging and at first, I thought uh oh Sparky has an eye infection. But no the veterinarian said not to be alarmed and that Sparky and others with the same look are just fine. I didn’t have a good photo of my Sparky’s eye up close to post here.

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