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Guinea Pig at the Vet

Guinea Pig Sparky Gets Trim

A few days ago I went to the vet with my guinea pig Sparky. We went there because we needed to get his nails trimmed and get his eyes checked. Also we just needed to get him his checkup. Before we went to the vet we realized that his nails started to curl up on all his little feet. We weren’t sure about where to cut his nails though because he has black nails which are hard to see the quick (which is the part in their nail where it will start to bleed). So we ended up taking him to the vet to get them clipped.

When we got to the vet the veterinarian gave him a check up, checking his eyes, ears, nose, heart, and weight. After that she examined his eyes. A few weeks before we saw that Sparky’s eye was red so we needed to get that checked. After she did some procedures she said that nothing was wrong and that it wasn’t infected. She said that just maybe it was scratched before and made the tissue turn red or something.

When she finished checking his eye she went on to the nails. She was using special guinea pig nail clippers to clip his nails. She cut about as much as needed (about like a cm. because his nails were so long). She told us that if we ever cut the quick and it started bleeding to use a step pencil (which is a powder in a pencil like container that you can use).There are also some other things that you can use such as cornstarch, flour, or soap.  

If your guinea pig has white nails you can see the quick because it’s pink. When she finished his nails were cut at just the right length. We then left and thanked her for her work (as you would normally do). The payment was about $60. In most places the amount you have to pay just to have a visit with them is somewhere around $50. Then the rest of the expenses depends on what you needed done.

You need to make sure that if you see something happening with your guinea pig (like it looks sick, hurt, or weak) to bring your beloved pet to the vet as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to clip your guinea pig’s nails then you should take them to the vet to get them trimmed. One way you can figure out which vet would be the best for you is to look up vets in your area and call them to see their prices so you can find the one that best suits you!

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