Guinea Pigs Swimming

Here’s a video of these cute little guinea pigs swimming. I’m not completely sure if all guinea pigs can swim or if it’s safe but it sure is cute! I’ve heard it both ways, that some guinea pigs have a blast swimming and that some absolutely hate the water. You could probably tell by the way they react when taking a bath. If they squirm and do everything they possibly can to get out of the water, my best bet is that they aren’t going to enjoy swimming. On the other hand they may not love baths but being about to swim freely might be enjoyable. One thing I’ve always been concerned about is the fact that they could easily get tired and drown or that they can get infections in their ears from the water. I have read in many books that you should never let water get into your piggie’s ears, eyes, or nose. If they are swimming there is a bigger possibility that they could get an infection and my local vet said that it could cost up to $300 to treat it. I have never let my guinea pigs swim but I think it would be quite fun for them if I did, with caution.

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