Guineas as Pets

They are absolutely the most lovable little guys you could ask for and they love to interact with humans. They need a lot of care and attention, daily as a matter of fact, but the rewards are tremendous. They don’t take up much space, usually around eight square feet of play area and an igloo make them very happy. You will need to be prepared to cover their needs in the way of bedding, timothy hay, vitamin C, pellets, and cleaning supplies with occasional visits to the veterinarian as part of their healthy upkeep. You can shop around for the best price on bedding, and in fact can use fleece if you are prepared to launder the fleece regularly. These kinds of tips are in my new book on Amazon titled, “Kid’s Guide to Guinea Pigs’ with the subtitle, “By a Kid”. That’s me. It is priced to be affordable to everyone so get yourself a copy. And come back to this blog soon to find out how you can possibly be featured in my next book on Amazon! Cool!