Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Male Guinea Pig

Sparky the Guinea Pig Up Close and Personal

After I came up with the title of this article, I thought maybe I should have titled it, “Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets for All Ages”.  I really believe this. These little guys are so sweet and cuddly, they love people when they are properly cared for, and I have never heard of one biting anybody.

Now guinea pigs will nip at you or me if they are bothered about something. Maybe we just pick a bad time to pick one up or something, but instead of biting us, they will just nip to let you and I know they didn’t like whatever we just did.

Of course many of my friends at school have dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. Some of the dogs are just puppies and they are so cute! I should take some pictures of them and post them here. And others have a cat. Usually it is a sister in the home who wanted a cat. Whatever the reason, they are very interesting to watch with their habits and behavior.

My dad told me he always had a dog around until he left college. Then when his dog passed away, a friend offered him a cat. Dad was not immediately interested because he had never had a cat before. This one was a Siamese with beautiful coloring and a male that had been declawed. So he made a good house pet because he wouldn’t tear up the leather furniture.

While my dad always had a dog, his brother got interested in guinea pigs. What he liked to do during those years at home with them was to wait until a guest would come to his home, whether it was my dad’s friends or his sister’s friends. Then he would get one of his guinea pigs out of their cage in the utility room and let it run across the living room . Well, almost no one knew what they were at the time so this was quite a surprise to them. Fortunately neither the spectators or the pet ever got hurt by his schemes.

Guinea pigs do make great pets for many reasons. They are relatively cheap to feed, a small cage is all you need for each guinea pig you have, and their bedding and other supplies are not really that much. They love to play with their caretakers, they are very fast at running when they are very young. After a year or so, they slow down a lot, but still love to sit in your lap and purr when they are happy.

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And I have friends at school that have pet hamsters and gerbils. Some have birds, one crazy boy in my class has a python! Yuck! How can he sleep at night? Who wants to put food in that one’s cage? Not me!

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