Hi Guinea Pig Lovers!

Hi Guinea Pig Lovers! Thank you for visiting my blog about guinea pigs. You know I have been spending some time recently in a small town north of Montevideo, Uruguay and while my family and I were driving north of the big city on the highway, we saw a small animal run across the highway in front of us. It didn’t have a tail, but it did have some fur and we think it was a guinea pig! So I got on the internet and searched to see if guinea pigs were known to be in the wild in Uruguay and much to my surprise, one article said that they live in the wild in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and yes, Uruguay! Then a few weeks later while walking around the back acreage of our farm down a very narrow little trail, another one of these little guys ran across the path right in front of me and then disappeared. I tried to follow it, but the brush was too thick to see where it went, but you know what? I think it also was a little guinea pig. So stay tuned. While I only have video of a lizard found on our farm, and another little guy we call Fifi LaPew (a little skunk) to post, maybe one day if you come back to visit my blog, I will have video of a wild guinea pig. I will post those two videos mentioned very soon! Take care, Jennifer

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