How to Bathe a Guinea Pig

Hey guys so I’m going to teach you today the easiest way of giving a guinea pig a bath. The supplies you’ll need are baby shampoo, a towel, and a sink. Try to use a square sink if you have one but a round one is okay too. The temperature should be warm, not too hot but not too cold so they don’t get sick. Also make sure that their eyes and ears DON’T get wet. First rinse their fur until it’s damp. Then massage a blob of baby shampoo onto their fur. Rinse thoroughly until there is no more soap. Also don’t forget to wash their bellies! You can also wash their grease gland which I talked about in my last post. Dry them with a towel or a blow dryer. If you use a blow dryer then put it on low and try not to do it in their face. Then let them air dry once they aren’t damp and maybe give them a treat! Hope this helps, Jennifer

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