Guinea Pig C & C Cage Setup

Hi Guinea Pig Lovers,

Well, I just am so happy about the results that I am seeing with my two guinea pigs ever since I started using the wire cubes to arrange a playpen for them every day. Sometimes I am away from home for five or six hours so it is important for my two guys, my guineas, to be able to stretch their legs and run around. It is not practical for me to give them a run of the house, so what I do is put out a vinyl table cloth on the floor and line the edges of it with the cubes.

These metal cubes are 14 inche squares with the open see through panels for air flow, so they are ideal for side material to limit the guinea pigs to a nice play area. The connectors or clips that come with the wire cubes are 8 sided, and this makes it easy to fit the panels or squares together. Some of the owners that have these put the squares on the floor along with using them on the sides, but I prefer not to do this because I think it is hard on the guinea pigs feet to walk on the wire mesh.

Along with the vinyl table cloth, I also put down a pouch pad which absorbs any moisture. These are machine washable. The only thing I will be changing is to get a better table cloth. The one I bought was the cheaper one and it is not going to last for long, so I would recommend that you get a good quality one and pay a little more to get the cloth to last. Hope this will help you with your guinea pigs and their playpen wire cube cage setup.


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