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How to Clean a Cage

With almost any pet, there is the chore of cleaning up their place of habitation and it is very true with guinea pigs. It doesn’t take much time to clean a cage, but these little guys do put a lot of poop poo around their cages in a relatively short time, so if you don’t […]

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Guest Post from Dr Michael Watts about Guinea Pigs

Recent post by Dr. Michael Watts who was asked this question: “Should I get my child a guinea pig for a pet?” Answer: Guinea pigs have a lot of personality and live longer than smaller rodents.  They do require more space (eight square feet is recommended), but do not require an exercise wheel.  Larger cages, […]

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Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

After I came up with the title of this article, I thought maybe I should have titled it, “Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets for All Ages”.  I really believe this. These little guys are so sweet and cuddly, they love people when they are properly cared for, and I have never heard of one biting […]

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