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Guinea Pigs Need Check Up

A few days ago I went to the vet with my guinea pig Sparky. We went there because we needed to get his nails trimmed and get his eyes checked. Also we just needed to get him his checkup. Before we went to the vet we realized that his nails started to curl up on all […]

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Guinea Pig Exercise Tips

Guinea pigs need exercise to keep healthy of course, so I feel I should pass along some great guinea pig exercise tips. The last thing you want is a fat overweight guinea pig right? You need to make sure that you give your guinea pig exercise EVERYDAY for at least 20 minutes (or twice a day […]

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Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

After I came up with the title of this article, I thought maybe I should have titled it, “Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets for All Ages”.  I really believe this. These little guys are so sweet and cuddly, they love people when they are properly cared for, and I have never heard of one biting […]

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