Traveling to San Francisco Without My Piggies



Pier 39

Golden Gate Bridge in the Background

So yesterday the 16th I arrived in San Francisco with my dad to go to a traffic and conversion conference. You may not know what that is but I barely do either. While I was gone I needed someone to take care of my two guinea pigs, Sparky and Rudy. My mom said she could so I told her everything she needed to do while I was away. If you do go on a trip without your guinea pigs or any small pet you have to find someone a to take care of your guinea pigs.

Ask a responsible family member or friend that can take care of them. Then either you can have them come over and explain everything to them or leave them a note with everything on it or both. If you are traveling to a place in a car that isn’t too far then you can usually bring them with you. Take a carrier, small cage, some food, water, timothy hay, bedding, and hideouts. Also make sure the hotel you’re staying in allows small pets.

I hope this helps you if you’re traveling anywhere in the near future,


P.S. if you have any funny guinea pig storie please comment below with them thank you 🙂 Also if you have any suggestions that you think would make this site better please tell me!

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2 Responses to “Traveling to San Francisco Without My Piggies”

  1. Nice too meet you Jennifer at the Traffic and Conversion Suummit. I really like guinea pigs too.

    • Hi Jim,
      Thank you for visiting my guinea pig blog. Wasn’t the conference super! My head is still spinning! Wow, Ryan and Perry are great guys and we met a lot of wonderful people there.